[Charla] Partial differential equations and correlation functions for imaging and quantification of biological features in optical microscopy.


Expositor: Dr. Steffen Härtel

Laboratory of Scientific Image Analysis
(SCIAN-Lab, www.scian.cl),
Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (BNI),
Anatomy and Developmental Biology Program, ICBM,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile



Image processing routines open the access to a quantitative understanding of biological phenomena in microscopic image series. Approaches based on partial differential equations and cross correlation functions have been increasingly successful in recent years to address complex tasks in segmentation and quantification of biological structures.

This presentation will give an overview of presently applied techniques within a framework of biological problems that have been addressed in our laboratory in recent years:

(i) morphologic and topologic understanding of lipid domain formation in monolayers and bilayers,

(ii) colocalization of biological structures from microscopic image series,

(iii) tracking of microscopic point sources by optical flow approaches, and

(iv) architectonical analysis of multicelular systems in developmental biology and biofilm research.



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